View Full Version : Avatars for Dummies... (Pictures Under Usernames)

01-29-2005, 02:34 PM
Due to so many people asking how to do this, I made this to pretty much hold your hand to get a cool new avatar under your name. (Display a small pic under your username here.)

Avatars For Dummies....

Click "Settings" up near the top of any web page here. (Just under the banner ad at the top of the page)

Look along the left side of the screen and you will see the menu selections for changing your avatar and also your Profile Picture. You can change them both. Take note of the file size and actual picture dimensions. If you go over the actual file space or picture size it won't let you do upload it.

You have two choices:

1) URL to your avatar.

To use this, you must place your avatar on a website somewhere, that will allow you to link to it from outside websites. (Some image sites dont allow you to link your pic to other sites!) Find one that does, then place your pic there on that image hosting site. Take note of the file size, if you go larger than the allowed limit, it won't work!

Then come back to our site to the avatar settings and enter in the full website address in the URL area.
Example: http://www.imagehostingsite.com/directorystuff/myimage.jpg

Again, make note of the image size requirements, or it wont be accepted!

There ya go, you now have a custom avatar.

Option 2)
Upload your avatar or profile picture to our server here.

Just click the box to find your picture you want to upload, then click "Save Changes". Again, make note of the file size requirements...